Egyptian Community In Georgia

Egypt is not just a country we live in, but a country that lives within us.

Uniting People

Uniting people of Georgia and Egypt.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team that is always ready to help organizations members.

24/7 Hours Support

We are available anytime you need us.


We will help you to achieve your goals and solve problems.

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.


An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

We Are Here To Help You With Consultations, Legal Matters, Solving Problematic Subjects, Uniting Families And Helping People Globally So That You Can Move Forward In Peace And Harmony With Our Love And Support.


In Addition, We Also Provide Community Services Such As Humanitarian Aid For The Underprivileged & Needy, Medical Assistance For Those In Need Of Health Care & General Sanitation To Ensure Safe & Comfort Environment For All.