Egyptian CommunityIn Georgia

Humanitarian Aid

We provide humanitarian aid to our members and their families if they need it.

Online Help

Regardless of whether they are here in Georgia or not, we provide assistance to our members in Egypt online.

Speed Oriented

To help our members, we take timely and operational actions.  

One Voice

  Would you like your message to be heard by members? We will announce it and make sure everyone hears it.  

Medical Help

Those in need receive humanitarian and medical assistance from our community.

Hot Line

We are always available to help you if you are in an emergency or need something immediately 

Legal Help

We can help you with many different kinds of legal issues, including staying in Georgia, an issue with your property, family problems, etc.

And More

By providing consultations, legal assistance or just anything one may need and whatever else we can, we assist those who need it most.


our company is here to help you

We Are Here To Help You With Consultations, Legal Matters, Solving Problematic Subjects, Uniting Families And Helping People Globally So That You Can Move Forward In Peace And Harmony With Our Love And Support. In Addition, We Also Provide Community Services Such As Humanitarian Aid For The Underprivileged & Needy, Medical Assistance For Those In Need Of Health Care & General Sanitation To Ensure Safe & Comfort Environment For All.


Saber Ishak – President of The Organization